What is your personal style?

A new inquiry sparked this inaugural blog post: What is your personal style? 

It’s a question I have been asked often and have not always known how to answer. A recent inquiry from a potential submissive made me think on this a little more. I wanted to write out a more definitive answer and give a little history about the creation of Jade, who has for better or worse been an extension of my personality for as long as I can remember. 

I have been a professional dominatrix and fetishist for the last 8ish years but previous to that was (and still am) captivated by power dynamics and how they play out between us all. One of my earliest memories was choosing to hit a sweet friend for no reason. They were understandably very upset and I was confused by my ecstatic feelings over hitting someone and the empathy of feeling terrible for hurting my friend. I know, this sounds awful for a young child to think that but it was there my fascination and exploration with consensual torment began. 

My teenage years brought me the gift of beauty and seduction was the way I learned to encourage boys into complying with desires. Humiliating boys my age as we blossomed into adulthood was exhilarating. I found my first love: forced feminization during these formative years. Seeing just how far I could get someone to go in my panties or putting on makeup, dangling the carrot of my affections. This seemed a more reasonable way to get another person to participate in my fantasies without leaving them feeling bad. 


These formative desires were the gateway to my personal style: Sensually Vindictive and Delightfully Dominant. I like to mix my sadist tendencies with my joyous nature. In session you will find that I like to dance and jump around and throw myself about laughing and smiling. I find a lot of pleasure in devising games and impossible predicaments while sweetly cooing salacious insults at my submissive. If the session leads us there, I am very acrobatic and enjoy crawling all over my submissive giggling and jumping up and down, giving a show keeping anything desired just out of reach. A script never pleases me, even one I have written out. So, in session you will find that I like to shoot from the hip, running with every impulse that fascinates me. By the end of our time together the space is thrashed with all manner of toys and devices strewn about covering every surface.

Another thing you will notice about me is my attention to detail and to you. BDSM and heavy pain scenarios require that the one in charge pay close attention to people going flush or even so small a detail as when the scene needs to transition. The goal is longevity, to keep the submissive engaged and able to keep going. Despite what being a fervent dominant may suggest I am noticing everything down to the energetic nuances in our exchange. My excitement enhances my awareness. 

Collaboration is also another hallmark of my personal style. I do ask for a list of your desires before our session starts however, I am not interested in checking off all of your list of desires. I like to mix what I truly love to do with suggestions from your list. I am first and foremost a Dominant Woman not just a service sought out. My appetite for domination is true and crafting a session that is equally fulfilling is my intention. 

Finally, not only am I dominant, I am a fetishist too. I am just as excited about a ball busting scene as I am about a sensual pegging or a foot worship scene that isn’t based in solely in dominance or pain. Exploring the nethers of desire is what I truly love. What a gift it is to watch another person dive head first into finding and enjoying their true selves is what fascinates me most after all of these years of exploring. 

Ecstatic Extrovert. Lascivious Latina. Delightful Dominant. Sensually Vindictive. Intuitive and Imaginative. Desirous and Dangerous. Empathetic and Empathic. Mistress Jade.

Jade Thunderstorm