My Favorite Toy

My quarterly Seattle trips stir up so much excitement for my sweet sadistic heart for so many reasons. I have cultivated a fine stable of sissies, submissives, masochists and bottoms where I honed my craft. My circle of fetish friendly providers to share ideas and sweet moments of support is large. There are the well-stocked sex shops, book stores, the evergreens, the sacred view of Mount Rainier from the city going South and all the west coast shit I fucking love: turmeric chai lattes, blunts on demand, Ethiopian food and Pho on every corner. I guess you can say that I love visiting my former home. I can’t say that I actively miss Seattle but I do start getting overwhelmed with feelings of joy as my flight date nears. Jade was born in Seattle and though it isn’t where I was raised it is like returning home.


Most of all I am excited to see my prized sissy whose service and dedication has not stopped even after I decided to move across the country. Her devotion has been unparalleled and has made me into the Dominatrix I am today. Being a Dominatrix and having the privilege to create and maintain a solid singular fetish and bdsm based relationship has been a gift. I have had the privilege to shape her and learn how to maintain an ongoing D/s relationship through our time together over the last five years, something that I didn’t have a lot of experience with when I decided to turn my kinks professional. Devoted submissive sissies aren’t made overnight, many years can go into creating a mutually beneficial relationship. This relationship is proving to stand the test of time and continues to grow in new and fun exciting ways.



My sissy has a pain threshold that is rare. We no longer use safe words which is something I prefer to do over time and not right out the door in a first-time session. Pain is my favorite way to play and understanding how to deliver those delicious stings perfectly to fit both our needs has been a journey that has been utterly enjoyable. She has been my test dummy when I want to learn something new and made it her mission to be pleasing and complaint every torturous step of the way. 


This sweet sissy has never arrived at my door step demanding wigs, outfits or supplies but instead comes prepared with several outfits including shoes and socks. Dressed to impress, on her knees awaiting her Mistresses commands. Her correspondence has always been impeccable, respectful and consensual far exceeding my instructions. Tributes sent on time and without repeated demand on holidays, special events, my birthday or for any other occasion 

I may announce on my social media. 


As a rabid Saints fan, I was especially pleased that sissy suggested tributing me to celebrate each game as well as being willing to receive a caning for all of the saints winning points and a harsh kick in the balls for each point for their lost games. We have been able to successfully incorporate our personal desires and interests to create a super fun dynamic when I am visiting Seattle.


The day that I knew my sissy was special I showed up to our session in my regular clothes, no makeup, no fetish gear and ordered a pizza and ordered her to clean the whole boudoir. She dutifully complied. A true submissive, one who actually derives pleasure from enthusiastically dedicating time and energy into their Dominant is hard to find and I sure do feel incredibly lucky to get to have an experience with her unlike any other that I have had the satisfaction of spending time and building a relationship with. 


True sissy submissives who tribute, who serve without need or constant reciprocation are a gift. This isn’t to say that I don’t value those who keep our dynamic in our allotted amount of time but to illustrate the depth and spectrum of relationships that you can build with your Pro-Dom. I do certainly enjoy a spank and go and I’ll see you next time session or a reliable pegging bottom who shows up ready to bend over and risk it all for my pleasure. There are a wide variety of people in my stable that I thoroughly and wildly enjoy. Sweet sissy, however, is my favorite toy, a treat that makes my sweet heart race and sets my meanest, most cruel nature aflame with desire.


Seattle, I am ready for you. I am ready to torture my sweet sissy. I am ready to see my friends and my stable and drink all the turmeric chai lattes and soak up that PNW misty rain. Let go and Let ME…...

Seattle Tour Dates: February 4-13



Jade Thunderstorm