Goodbye, GFE: The Past and the Future

My time as Jade over the last 7 or 8 years has been a joyful roller coaster of self-discovery. I have applied my will to every avenue the in person adult industry has to offer: Dominatrix, Masseur, GFE Escort, Kinky GFE. Within the realm of this job I have worn many other hats as a sexy provider too: therapist, grief counselor, dinner date, emotional companion, tour and adventure guide, educator (sexy and otherwise) and friend. I have spent time with those in grief over their divorces, guiding them through the difficult and confusing time that follows. I have been a companion for those who have lost their lifetime partners and lovers to death, navigating the space of physical communion after loss. I have eaten lobster while talking through life’s changes and journeys and dragged secret submissives through forced public dinners clad in lingerie underneath their clothes. I have read my admirers tarot cards and given advice and sat well over into my personal time dreaming, laughing and sharing the sweetness that lovers do after all of the shared intensity and intimacy.

My first photoshoot

My first photoshoot


I bravely manifested all of this under Jade Thunderstorm’s name, a name and extension of my personality that I am extremely proud of. I entered this trade as an independent Dominatrix posting my first ad in backpage and made my journey from there. I have thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of this odyssey. The people I have met, the lessons learned, the skills and friendships forged, all of it. 

 Some of you have been following and spending time with me my whole journey and some of you are just arriving to meet me, whether for a brief interlude or a longer road of self-discovery. Since moving to New Orleans, I have taken down my vanilla website and have slowly shifted my attention towards where I began this ride: BDSM. Some you have noticed and I appreciate that attention to detail. It has been a decision I carefully considered the previous year leading up to my move to NOLA. I stopped inviting new GFE Escort clients in 2018 and focused my affections on the list of familiar friends to see how that soft retire would feel. The attention I have been able to give to Domination has given me energy to build my own dungeon, deepen my relationships with my submissives and sissies and created opportunities to refine my artistry and image as a provider in a way that has been very, very fun for lack of better terms. 

 I am announcing my retirement from GFE Escorting. Typing that out feels surreal and bittersweet. Holy shit have I had fun inhabiting that potent and feral space. I spent my time diving past the latent whorephobia in the BDSM community, did whatever the hell I pleased with whomever I pleased and it served me well. I found that true domination did not come from abstaining but fully partaking in total body autonomy, shirking the rules set out by men for women defining what Dominant and submissive relationships looked like and knowing it was my choice alone to figure out how I wanted to share my body. My power and prowess came from taking as many lovers as I could drink up and never giving a damn what anyone thought. I do what I want and that, for me, is the true definition of power.



So, what is next? I want to continue to build Dungeon Storm Cloud, adding to my collection, adding to my skill set. It is my dream to own and operate my own dungeon space for people from all walks of life to explore their freakiest desires. The most important lesson I have learned from this on-going adventure thus far is that bodily autonomy and the freedom of sexual expression is where true liberation begins. When we are given the space to be truly who we are, to truly explore ourselves in consensual, non-judgmental fashion we can know truly know ourselves and give full breadth to being human.


My deepest gratitude to everyone who has helped my find my truest best self. Especially Domina Victoria Rage (Seattle), Mistress Harlow Leather&Lace (Seattle), Mistress Ivy (retired, Seattle), Sadie Heart (retired, Seattle), Miss Joanne (Seattle), Sophia Lima (retired) and Savannah Sly (Seattle). This journey to where I am today really would not have been possible without you all. 


Onward to the future…

Jade Thunderstorm