An Adventure with Pantyhose: Practices sin Pain

New Orleans has mostly blessed me with the company of so many willing masochists I almost forgot about the other corner of my desires, fetishes with the absence of pain. Sometimes it takes meeting a special someone with a special desire you would have never have thought to have given a try. A few weeks back I met a gentleman who was not into pain but was into bondage and particularly bondage encasement within panty hose. This request piqued my interest.


Let me rewind a little bit and tell you a little about myself and my journey in acquiring interest and skills and desires along my journey. My desire to be a Dominatrix blossomed once I discovered the joy of (consensually) humiliating others. I loved seeing what I could dangle in front of a submissive to get them to comply with humiliating and painful predicaments. As my interest and desire developed and as those I was playing with communicated their desires I found myself experimenting with new things that I would have never dreamed up on my own. Beyond my desire to inflict pain and humiliation on others I found that there were a myriad of desires that I enjoyed through the people I was engaging with. 


Long story short, I learned about my interest in fetish through the kindness and guidance of submissives.


Back to the pantyhose. I love wearing pantyhose, I love seducing another human while wearing pantyhose. I love lifting up a skirt and slowly sliding down a silky pair of stockings down another person’s body. I love the softness of my body being gently squeezed into pantyhose. There really is nothing like the sight of a women bending over in pantyhose and nothing else. In all of my stocking love I never once considered how much fun it would be to encase someone in stockings. 


The gentleman standing in front of me that day a few weeks back was so enthusiastic, open and well-mannered about presenting his fetish, leaving me intrigued. We began with a shower, as I always ask everyone to shower and come to me fresh to play. I pulled on the pair of black thick shimmer toes panty hose he politely asked to wear during our time together. I slid his fresh skin (clean skin is so sexy to me) legs first into a leg of pantyhose all the way up to his waist while he lay on my chaise. I slid another pair over his arms. Tied down and unable to move encased in silky stockings my captive endured a torturous tease and denial. I pulled another pair over his legs again and at his delicate, begging request I slid inside the pantyhose with him. I found a moment of bliss laying and writhing in those panty hose. It was a moment that is suspended in time and a moment I may have never thought of on my own had this gentleman not filled out my contact form. 

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I wanted to write about this because I wanted to illustrate the diversity of my practice that may not be entirely evident as my obsession with being a sadist can drive a lot of the imagery and language of what I put out into the world. I want to invite more people to learn about the virtues of being a pegging bottom, the beauty of sensation play, the healing powers of age role play and other fetishes that don’t exclusively exist in pain. 


This sweet session was a reminder of the many arena’s that I enjoy inhabiting and am inspired by in this freaky, fun profession. The next day I had a photoshoot planned and I changed my look to a simple pantyhose and bralette, a sweet reminder of the day before captured forever in a photoshoot. This calling, being a Dominatrix, has been nothing short of a gift in discovery. The joy in getting to take the time to get to know one’s self through others is an endless gift in discovery. 



Fill out my contact form and tell me all about what fantasy you want to collaborate into reality.

Jade Thunderstorm