Sweaty Summer Updates

The thing I appreciate most about my path as a Dominatrix is living fully in my truth and the ability to follow my desires where ever they may lead me. Moving to NOLA and getting to have the opportunity to create a beautiful dungeon space and explore the submissives that visit and live in this Southern Babylon has been an adventure and a gift I could have never expected. I feel settled here in New Orleans. Following the wild impulse here has been the best decision I have ever made in the name of exploration. 


Summers in New Orleans are hot, slow and sweaty. Big leafed Jurassic looking plants are in bloom, dripping soft moist petals of color. The sidewalks are dressed with delicate petals of pinks and whites. My favorite is the fragrant mimosa tree. I often fantasize of a tub full of soft fragrant blooms for me to sit in. The air is thick and I am drenched in sweat from head to toe and I fucking love it. Cold showers, cold cocktails, short shorts and skirts, swimming, sun kissed skin, eating cold fruit. A feast for my senses! 


With all this stimulation comes a healthy desire. I feel like the devil lately, insatiable. I have been receiving more visitors to my dungeon and it seems appropriate for my voracious appetite for pain and pleasure. I have been actively calling in more of want, casting my net for only the things I wish to participate in the most and drawing in the most fun for mesubmissives and sessions. I am getting more opportunities for CBT, NT and heavy pain sessions. I am meeting more panty wearing sissies, meaning there are more opportunities for my perverted ass to flip up a skirt and go to town! I have been incorporating more electrical play in my sessions which means deepening my sensation play and pain sessions. Moving to New Orleans has helped me deepen my practice and desires and has helped me actualize goals I thought were unattainable.




This year has brought a lot of changes for me professionally and personally. I am overwhelmed by the pace of it all but grateful for all the gifts of time and presence and beauty each person brings to the collaborative table. The most significant change for me as a Dominatrix is taking on my first lifestyle submissive that I have had a wonderful relationship with for the past five years. I am learning how to maintain and nurture our connection while learning the art of distance training. Neither of these things appealed to me until I met sissy christmas (christy) who has done nothing but charm me from the moment that he found his sissy bitch ass at my boudoir door step. My desire to explore this relationship further creates a special opportunity  to spend more time in the Pacific North West despite having moved my life to the South. 


This means that I will be more frequently available in Seattle and possibly other west coast cities. It also means that I will be fleshing out and updating my Seattle boudoir in order to provide what I have in NOLA in Seattle without dragging a 50lbs plus of gear with me all over the country. I am absolutely thrilled to not only keep up with the stable of Seattle submissives but to continue to nurture the relationships with my BDSM community that I was just starting to get to know when I moved.  I am overjoyed to say the least. Seattle was home for 9 years and was where “Jade” was born. Being able to continue having a life in the PNW is such a gift and I am excited for the opportunity to bi-coastal.

I will be leaving New Orleans for the summer to take a road trip from the South to the PNW. I will be available in Austin (7/2), Los Angeles (7/12-13), and the Bay Area (7/17-18). My visits will be short and sweet. I will only be taking pre-bookings with a deposit for each city and I will not be seeing any last minute submissives. Plan ahead! Seattle will get the pleasure of me July 23rdand throughout the month of August. I will remain available in New Orleans with 24-hour notice until I leave July 1st. Pencil in your training’s pets!

I hope that summer is leaving you as hot and bothered as I am! I dare you to do something about it! Send me an inquiry and let me know how you wish to submit.


Jade Thunderstorm