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To ensure that you respect our time together all new submissives, sissies, worshipers and bottoms must fill out my contact form. Filling out this contact form means that you have taken the time to become familiar with my website using the fullness of your capacity to understand everything that I provide before asking me any questions. I will contact you within 24 hours of receiving your inquiry with my availability, your session tribute and further instruction. Deposit Required for first time friends.

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How did you find me? This is important to me so I know where is best to find you!
I do not talk on the phone until a deposit is secured. Please let me know when a good time to text. Please note that I am more likely to respond to an email quickly.
List a few dates and times that you are available as well as the desired amount of time you would like to spend with me. Example: 10/15/19 7pm 2 hours
Please tell me about your experience with BDSM, Domination, Kink, Fetish and Servitude.
if you are not a first time player please describe your favorite session. Keep it brief.
A short list of what you hope to get from our time together. Do not submit scripts, lengthy descriptions of your desires or demands. I am leading the session and I do not appreciate topping from the bottom.
Do you like to feel like a good boy/girl? Do you like to feel like you did a good job? Relieved? Euphoric? Desired? Used? Sexy? Craving more? Relaxed? Inspired? Excited? Better? BDSM can result in a myriad of feelings and I find it useful to set a goal. This helps me understand how to craft a session that is memorable.
I am a risk aware consensual kink (RACK) player and so are you. Please let me know what will stop the flow of our connection. For example my hard limits are: scat play of any kind, race or ethnic degradation, being submissive.
Screening methods are explained on the etiquette page.
New Orleans has a lot of visitors please specify if you are visiting from somewhere else and where you are from and how long you will be in town. If you are inquiring about my travels please state which city.
Any questions you may have for me regarding our time together or what I do.


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all first time bookings require that you fill out my contact form