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The Storm Cloud


Dungeon Storm Cloud is located conveniently in the heart of the city of New Orleans just a few blocks from the French Quarter in the CBD. Street parking is available as well as a few parking garages within a blocks walking distance. The Storm Cloud was designed in all white giving it a clean and modern vibe and intentionally decorated with art from local artisans and BDSM furniture hand crafted by a local carpenter. It is simple and elegant space that departs from the traditional dungeon style.




 I delight in discovering delicious new ways to deliver the stings that send you over the edge. I am well versed and well equipped to administer the level of punishment that you deserve. Anywhere from a light smack on the cheek to keep you engaged and present during a sensual seduction or an exquisitely excruciating caning during an interrogation, can be applied to any type of delightful or devious scenario

I have a wide range of torture and pleasure implements to suit the needs of a novice or a seasoned submissive. My play space is furnished with a St. Andrews Cross upholstered in white vinyl, a bondage chair made of red oak, with a natural stain and upholstered with white vinyl, a white vinyl chaise perfect for mummification and two display cases full of implements sure to give you goosebumps.

I am always looking to add to my little torture cloud. If you wish to add to my collection please send me an email or check out my spoil me page.


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impact implements

Floggers: white leather heavy flogger, black leather heavy flogger, suede flogger, rubber heavy flogger, leather medium flogger, leather cat of nine tails, small elastic flogger

Whips: leather flogger whip, bull whip, two tailed vinyl whip, flogger crop whip, dragon tongue whip

Canes: rattan bamboo canes, rubber cane, traditional school house canes, rattan rug beater, acrylic rug beater, acrylic canes, wooden canes, carbon fiber cane

Paddles: wooden paddles, acrylic paddles, leather paddles, stone paddle

Crops Etc: leather loop quirt, leather quirt, traditional riding crop, vampire gloves, leather gloves, three prong long leather tawse, short leather tawse,

Bondage & Subjugation

Gear: wrist and leg cuffs, leather bondage mitts, spreader bars, heavy duty plastic wrap, rope, handcuffs, standard collar and leash, Body Belts

Gags: the humiliator gag and accessories, standard ball gags, puppy bone gag, funnel gag, dildo face sit gag, o-ring gag, hook mouth gag, sissy lips mouth gag

CBT/NT: Alligator Clamps, Weighted alligator clamps, clothes pins, clover clamps, clover clamp stretchers, tweezer clamps, metal ball pincher clamps, tube clamps, alligator bell clamps, toothed clip board clamps, skin clamps, chastity cages, cruel condom, leather ball stretchers, testicle press, Triple c&b ring, Sounds (various sizes), Rose Bud Sounds, vibrating sound, wartenberg wheels, weights, vampire gloves, wooden humbler, metal claws, metal testicle press, rubber bands, salt

Electric: neon wand, shock prods, erostek tens unit