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I am Jade Thunderstorm and you may call me Mistress Jade, Ms. Jade, Ma’am, Mommy or Boss. The world I create begins with those roles and extends from there. I identify as a Sadist, a Dominatrix, and a Femme Top.
I am your guide into the world of BDSM, D/s relationships, Fetish and Kink Exploration. I define my practice as a safe and non-judgmental space to explore your submissive leaning proclivities. I always place safe and sane and only engage in activities that I am proficient in and have the utmost confidence I can safely provide. I have 8 years of professional experience under my belt and a gorgeous, private dungeon space centrally located in the heart of NOLA.


 I believe that sexual liberation is at the core of true freedom. I believe that sexual health is the foundation for a happier more fulfilling life. BDSM is an inclination that is hard to ignore. A desire for BDSM can indicate a need for profound discovery and healing or it can just be an experience that is just pure unadulterated fun.

I am an extrovert at heart with a flair for the dramatic. Over the top expressions of joy are a hallmark central to the style of session that I practice. I am often described as vibrant, passionate, creative and a fiercely honest woman with a commanding but thoughtful presence. My appearance speaks for itself. You will find yourself intoxicated by my rare and unique beauty. Many say that my pictures do me no justice. Petite, athletic, soft and feminine, gorgeous:  the anecdote to the sting of my paddle, the generosity that precludes punishment.

I love to play with power and pain via role play, inhabiting characters that hold power in our collective psyche. I love subverting binary gender. I love to dominate with my femininity, using it to draw you out of your head and into your body. As a Dominant I want nothing less than your total surrender when you are in my presence. My gift is my ability to create and hold space for those who wish relieve themselves of the burden of control. My interests lie solely in domination and fetish: sensual to corporal, painful and intimate, joyful and lascivious, humiliating and intoxicating. You will find that I am not so much severe but more sensual and tempting, choosing to seduce you to comply with My devious and sometimes very painful (for you) desires. 

I can make the most nervous novice feel at ease with my warm smile and Texas sized charm and make the most seasoned submissive quake with desire and squeal with joy. Where ever you find yourself along the spectrum of experience I am happy to meet you there and take you on a journey a little further down the line.

What I am looking for in YOU!

YOU identify as one or all of the following: submissisive/submissive leaning, submissive fetishist, service oriented, a sissy, a puppy, a masochist, a bottom, eager to please, fun and/or adventurous. YOU are ready to reach out and begin following basic instructions to impress Me. YOU are ready to collaborate with Me to create a mutually beneficial session. YOU also have good manners and a positive attitude. YOU are ready to engage with your desires.



I am busy lady. I am mixed media artist with a strong visual appetite, writer, tarot novice, gardener, avid reader, nature lover and observer. I've recently relocated to New Orleans and am enjoying getting deeper acquainted with this city. Biking through the French Quarter, cutting paper in my art studio, exploring the swamps and of course looking for birds are some of my favorite ways to acquaint myself with my new home.  I love literature and carry reading material with me everywhere in hopes that I may find a moment to bury my face in a book. Amongst my favorite things, other than books and the obvious hot connection are plants, with lilies and peonies being my favorite flowers, handmade lingerie, turquoise the color and the mineral, a good cheeseburger, music and record collecting and art museums. Wanna know more? Well you will just have to come and visit me.



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NYT Magazine Feature

I had the privilege of being photographed for an article written in the NYT Mag issued in May 2016 about Sex Work, decriminalization/legalization and activism. I was featured on the website as a cover model, on the cover and on the title page of the article.

Souixsie Q’s Podcast

i am interviewed by the prolific souixsie q alongside my friend vignette velo about bdsm, decrim and other fascinating topics.

You will hear thunder and remember me,
And think: she wanted storms.
— Ana Akhmatova