New Orleans Dominatrix


I define Myself as a Sensually Vindictive and Seductive Siren. I invite you to step into a world of my creation, My own personal heaven and hell rolled into one peaceful palace of pain I call Dungeon Storm Cloud. I am the container you pour yourself into, the vessel you are prepared to shape yourself against. In other words you are here to be Mine and to surrender yourself to Me. What you find laid out in here in writing is what I am most interested in.

I truly love what I do and that is because I only do what I love. I am happy to meet you where you are at on your journey as long as it falls under the scope of My interests. Tribute is for the My professional skill level not for the uninhibited request that I fulfill your fantasies.

Ask yourself: Are you ready to meet Me?

My Cup of Tea

I am most excited by power exchanges that are expressed through role play. I enjoy inhabiting characters that hold power in our collective psyche. I am bossy as hell and my sassy nature is best expressed as your Boss at your job, the Girlfriend you just can’t ever seem to please, your Sweet but Severe Mother, your Therapist who is helping you express yourself through submission, the Teacher you beg for a passing grade or The Classic Femme Domme Humiliatrix.

I am delighted by your pain threshold and your desire to surrender to predicaments that test your limits. Seduction is key in bringing you to your knees, using my femininity to obtain your surrender.

I desire sissy bitches, submissives, service bottoms, submissive fetishists, masochists, curious novices and puppies.



CBT, NT, Nipple Play, Strap-on Worship, Ball Busting, Face Sitting, Smothering, Breath Play, Smoking Fetish, Hot Wax, Leg Worship, Foot Fetish, High-Heel Fetish, Stocking Fetish, Boot Fetish, Lingerie Fetish, Long Hair Fetish, Spitting, Forced Consumption, Domestic Servitude, Trampling, Gender Exploration, Forced Feminization, Gender Role Reversal, Goddess Fetish, Humiliation and Degradation, Tickling, CFNM, Sensory Overload, Queening, Sensory Deprivation, Electrical Predicaments, Predicament Exploration, Impossible Predicaments, Protocol Training, Sissy Training, Service Training, Impact Punishment, Whipping, Paddling, Flogging, Corporal Punishment, Roles and Acting, Bondage, Mummification, D/s ongoing relationships

Hard Limits

I do not engage in GFE, PSE, Race Play, Switching or Submission, Scat Play or Hard Sports. Please do not disrespect me by asking.


Attention Sissies

Sissies are expected to take responsibility for their journey. If you desire specific attire please bring it along. If discretion is an issue I am happy to receive and store an outfit or two for you that you have purchased. I have make-up and some clothing and lingerie but can not guaranteed a size or style.