New Orleans Dominatrix




At the core of our happiness is our erotic self. The inner desires that heat and cool in undulating cycles. Do you fight your urges? Or do you give in? Find your release in my company, a sultry Seductress well versed in the spectrum of pleasure and pain. I love collaborating new kinky adventures and exploring the depths of desire. I will try almost anything once and delight in the unusual and bizarre.

Ass Worship, Leg Worship, Foot Fetish, High-Heel Fetish, Stocking Fetish, Boot Fetish, Lingerie Fetish, Dirty Panties, Long Hair Fetish, Golden, Spitting, Forced Consumption, Sploshing, Domestic Servitude, Trampling, Gender Play, Forced Feminization, Financial Domination, Cuckolding, Forced Bi, Goddess Worship, Humiliation and Degradation, Tickling, Slut Training, CFNM, Sensory Overload, Sensory Deprivation, Predicament Play, Impossible Predicaments, Heavy protocol, Tease and Denial, face sitting, Strap-on Worship, CBT, NT, Mummification, Smothering, Ball Busting, Slapping, Smacking, corporal punishment, Punching, Hot Wax Play, smoking fetish, fire play/burns, Breath Play,choking, Electrical Play, Impact Play, Role Play, Age Play, sensual/intimate/erotic domination, Most anything pertaining to BDSM.


Don’t see your desires listed? Ask. I am open-minded, adventurous and excited to try and learn new things.

HArd Limits: Submissive roles or switching, racial degradation, scat play or brown showers, abdl



Notes on

Spare Parts

There are many ways to experience the gift of my spare parts. Vulnerability is erotic and I delight in the many ways that lend itself to the nature of this practice. Our time together can be intense and fierce and based in the realm of fetish or it can be a sweet, sensual and intimate. Relinquish your fears and submit your body to my care.

Role Play

Role play allows you to shed the weight of your reality. It is permission to escape the pressures of your everyday responsibilities. It is the courage to be someone or something that you don’t have the courage to be in your day to day. Sessions that incorporate role play create a space for deeper exploration of desires. Role play can release us from our inhibitions and give breath to our erotic imaginations.

Role Play is my favorite way to explore BDSM, Kink, Fetish and Fantasies. All role play scenarios can include any manner of Fetish, Kink and BDSM interests including sissification, impact play, tease and denial, bondage, CBT, NT, the list can go on and on! 

Role Play does not have to be explicitly dominant or aggressive; It can also be teasing and sensual, fun and and exploratory.



Being a sissy is no easy task. To become a sissy takes hard work and dedication. Whether you are coming to your desires on your own or need a firm hand and strong directives, I thoroughly enjoy holding that special sacred space for you bloom into the special little sissy you always hoped to be. Our special time can be personal time exploring your feminine side through makeovers and dress up, humiliation and service to break you down to build you up, punishment and reward, enforced schedules and shopping.

Please Note: It is the sissy's responsibility to bring her own supplies, including but not limited to wigs, garments, pantyhose and makeup. These items may be made available over time as I get my New Orleans Dungeon set up. Please do feel free to outfit my space with any of the aforementioned items. Please take responsibility for your training.



Do you accept lifestyle submissives?: No.

Can I circumvent the contact form process?:  No. I am only interested in people who take the art of submission, fetish and kink seriously. I have invested the time, effort and money into becoming the Sadist Top that I am and I expect you to comply with all of my instructions from start to finish to become the bottom that you were meant to be.

Can I circumvent screening? I am sane.: No. I have never seen a client without screening and I never will. Safety and discretion is my top priority. I have never been mistreated or abused nor have I had a breach information. I believe that the two go hand in hand. I prefer to see the discreet human who values my safety. This a part of playing safe and sane.

What is your tribute? Your tribute will be given to you after you have filled out my contact form.

But I need to know the tribute to make a choice about seeing you! This is non negotiable. If you are interested in spending time in my glorious presence you will make every attempt to impress me, starting with filling out my contact form. After you fill out the form I will be able to assign you with your tribute based on the information you give me. Your decision in selecting a Dominatrix should be based on desire to serve and not tribute.  Understand? Great.

Can I send you a detailed script of my dream session?: No, no, no. This is topping from the bottom and I do not enjoy nor do I tolerate such behavior. I wish to engage with people who are truly interested in exploring their submissive selves, exploration of sissyhood and an enthusiastic interest in becoming the best bottom they can be. I enjoy authentic play as my desire to dominate is true. I do however request a list of your interests, desires and limits to consider when crafting our time together.

Can we talk on the phone multiple times before our session? I will indulge in one phone call discussing our time together after your deposit has been secured. Any questions after our initial phone conversation can be submitted through email. If it is necessary to speak, submit a request with a few times you would like to speak and I will consider the possibility of a phone call.

Can I review our time together? Yes. Please ask beforehand, though. My sessions vary from person to person. What I do in one session for one person may not be available to the next person. I am inspired by genuine connections and prefer to go with the flow of our collective energies.

Can I have a discount if I blank, blank or blank? No. Haggling is unacceptable from any submissive. I view this as an attempt to top from the bottom.

Can I see you with a provider who is not listed on your website? Yes. Please send along their website address and their email and I will contact them.

Do you see couples? It's not listed. Yes. I love being the third wheel! Each person must contact me separately, fill out the contact form and submit to the screening process.

Do you see women? It's not listed. Yes!!! Enthusiastic Yes!!!!

Can I bring my own toys? Yes! However, I can assure you that all of my equipment is sanitized thoroughly after every appointment.

Will you send me a picture of your feet, ass, face etc before our session? No. I have a photo gallery and a twitter with pictures you are welcome to enjoy at any time.

Do you provide full toilet training? I don't see it. Scat play is a hard limit and is not something I provide, ever.

Can I see you without tribute? No. I have plenty of friends and personal bottoms.

Do you accommodate same day or last minute appointments? I do, but, only for friends I have seen before. I lead a very full and stimulating life. It can be very difficult to see me without booking at least one day in advance. If you are truly interested, please take the time to make a schedule.

What do you like in a gentleman? Good manners, good consent, friendly demeanor, good conversation, good hygiene.

What do you dislike in a gentleman? Demanding behavior, vulgar emails, bad manners, entitlement, bad hygiene, gossip about other providers, haggling.