Role Play Inspiration

I am often asked what my favorite scenes involve and my answer is always scenes with role play! I wrote out some of my favorite scenes and ideas for those who are trying to get a better picture of what it would be like to spend a little time in my presence and for those who don’t know what direction to take. This list is incomplete as I am always interested in trying on new roles and exploring the depths of our desires. Don’t see your fantasy? Inquire.

Age Play

Age Play is one of the most taboo fetishes, encompassing a wide range of characters and scenarios. It is one of the most healing and intense practices that I engage in session. I have seen people reclaim their trauma, release pain and open up in beautiful ways. I require 90 minutes for a first time age play session together to allow enough time go through safety, triggers and boundaries.

Student from Hell

 You’re my nerdy high school teacher and I caught you looking down my shirt while you were passing back tests. Your perverted ways may cost you your teaching career unless you let me come over and have my sadistic way with you. Maybe I tie you up and tease you endlessly? Maybe I harshly and painfully punish you? Maybe humiliate you into an apology and keep you under my thumb for the remainder of the school year?


 I am sick and tired of you listening to your headphones and falling asleep during class. To top it off you are behind on your assignments and are about to fail my course. You are supposed to be moving on to the next grade and it looks like you may have to repeat the year instead unless you pull your act together or do Ms. T’s extra credit. Will you except your punishments like a good boy? What kind of extra credit do you think Ms. T would appreciate?

Brutal Babysitter

 All the kids I am taking care of insist that you are doing nasty things with your privates in front of them. Parents are insisting that I tell your mommy about your behavior but you are begging me not to tell. You promise to never do it again and you would do anything to not get in trouble at home. Anything….


 I catch you playing with yourself in the bath again! After what the babysitter told me about you today I have just had about enough of your nasty behavior. You will certainly need a hard spanking and some serious humiliating chores to adjust your behavior. Remember mommy knows best!

Mean Girl Bully & Sissy

You have been trying to get my attention and impress me at school. I ignore you when I am not making fun you. I finally invite you over to hang out and my mom is running errands leaving us all alone. I find mommy and daddy’s collection of adult toys complete with whips! I really wanna see how they all work and I need someone to be my guinea pig. You really want to impress me!

Mean Girlfriend

You thought you met the girl of dreams. I am sweet, beautiful, fun, and smart. All of the alluring and charming attributes you could have hoped for wrapped up in one woman. We are on a date enjoying some wine and you have insulted me! You apologize and wonder out loud why I am so upset about such a small offense? I am about ready to dump your rude ass but you get on your knees and beg me to stay and promise me that you would do anything to keep me! I most enthusiastically take you up on this offer and show you a side of me that you have never seen.


 I am your very sexy therapist and we have been working on understanding your sexuality for a very long time now. You are having a hard time opening up and having the necessary breakthrough despite our countless hours talking your issues through. We are both frustrated with your lack of progress I suggest some unorthodox treatments. The only thing is that you must trust me and contractually agree to surrender your will to me. Once you agree, therapy can begin…

Neighbor Lady

I am your sexy neighbor who has recently moved in next door. One evening I am getting dressed in my bedroom and I notice that you are peeping at me through my curtains. I look through my window and call you over with a little finger gesture. You’re a pervert, so of course you come running over in anticipation. I answer the door in something sexy and instruct you to hop in the shower. I lead you to a room and convince you to play a game of tease and tie. Once you are tied up I let you know how very upset I am and the punishment begins and there is nothing you can do about it.

Puppy Play

 I love, love, love my new puppy! But since he is a new puppy he needs to be trained to sit, lay, roll over, walk on a leash, to not jump and to potty on his puppy pads and not on the floor. Good puppies get rewarded with treats and pets and cuddling on the couch and fun games of fetch. Bad puppies have to go to their kennels and may get a smack on the bottom or may need extreme corrective measures.

Bitchy Boss

You’re on the job performance has been suffering and I am receiving a lot of complaints from your co-workers that you are displaying sexually inappropriate behavior all over the office. I call you into my office to discuss terminating your position. Your reputation hangs in the balance and you will certainly have difficulty finding another position in your field. I value the work that you have produced in the past but am unsure if I can rely on you to remain productive. You cut me off and fall to your knees and begin begging me for your job. I agree to keep you on as my personal assistant as long as you submit to my every whim….starting now!

Governess and Sissy Maid

You were hired to clean my house and I have been noticing that your work has been sloppy. In addition to your poor job performance you have been flirting with my husband! I confront you and you admit to being lazy and slutty. Of course an intense training and punishment must be implemented to keep you on task and to keep you away from my husband.

Torture Day Spa:

 You’ve booked an appointment for a massage and deep tissue facial. Upon your arrival you begin flirting with me and decide that you are going to see if I will give you a happy ending. During your massage you get a little too grabby for your own good. I tie you down to the massage table and you are alarmed and try to struggle once you are tied down. I laugh endlessly at your pathetic attempts to get free. We are going to have a happy ending, one complete with your punishment and my amusement and facial you won’t soon forget.

International Espionage Interrogation

 We are both spies. We were both tasked with capturing the other but unfortunately you find yourself tied to a chair and I am the one asking the hard questions. Your answers do not suffice. I seduce and torment you in rapid, cruel cycles to obtain the critical information that I need.